At 3B Credit Health we understand that you are tired and need someone you can trust!

That’s why we lay everything out for you up front in the beginning of the process with a custom made for you.

“90-Day Action plan”

that shows you exactly how we are going to help you get your credit where you need it to be.

That ninety day action plan sounds great, I’m ready to get on a call!

About us

What specifically do we offer? We have removed…

✓ Inaccurate personal information

✓ Late payments

✓ Medical bills 

✓ Charge offs

✓ Child support

✓ Student loans

✓ Repossessions 

✓ Negative rental history

✓ And So much more.

This business is my passion. It’s the love of my life.


I used to hand write the letters for my clients and mail them myself. 

Today we have grown.

My plan is to change the credit repair industry as a whole. 

The way you do that is by doing what you say you will do when you say you will do it. 

My company stands for that.

We believe in transparency and letting our clients know up front exactly what to expect the entire way. 

My promise to you and I’ll prove this, I will take care of your family and your credit the same way that I take care of my own.

Please feel free to make yourself at home, look around, and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your time. 


Kevin Faulkner 


3B Credit Health

3B Credit Health

Company Core Values

1. We do what we say we will do when we say we will do it. 

2. We put the client first 

3. We do not take shortcuts 

4. We do the work. 

5. We do not let our fears keep us from growing as people.

i’m not a person who let’s fear drive me anymore and I know you aren’t either.
I’ll take the control away from your current credit score and help you get your buying power back.

Let’s hop on a quick call.

Here is more information
about me 
as a person. 

I struggled for years to get my life together. 

My credit was a mess. 

I didn’t know what do about it. 

I was scared to death to even look at it. I was afraid to reach out to a lender to find out what it took to buy a home. 


I’m a man that considers fear my enemy. I have no place for it in my heart. I did a lot of work.

That’s why I’m so passionate about helping others get their credit where they need and want it to be.

The first thing we will do when you sign up is send you a welcome letter. In this welcome letter will be a link to a company called Identity IQ.


I’ve used them since day one because they don’t let my clients down. This allows us to look at your credit without having to actually pull your credit.

This is important because we don’t want to add unnecessary inquiries to your credit. That would defeat our whole purpose right? 

Once you’ve sent us your Identity IQ login information then my team will get to work on your own personalized 90 Day Action Plan. 

This 90 Day Action Plan

is what separates us from other credit repair companies in the business. This is where we get transparent and go the extra mile to make sure that you know in writing exactly what this process will look like moving forward over the next ninety days. 

You’ll love it

I like it this way because if at any time I don’t hold up my end and do exactly what I say I will do, it’s right there in writing. From there we will answer any questions that you may have and get to work on improving your credit. 

Kevin Faulkner does the work.

What exactly is credit repair?

Credit repair refers to the process of addressing and correcting errors or inaccuracies on a person’s credit report in order to improve their credit score. 

Is your report accurate?

Did you know that over 80% of folks walking around have inaccurate information on their credit that is hurting their score???


Just keeping it real as I always will, You can repair your own credit yourself, if that is what you want to do.


I liken myself to a lawn care professional or a dry cleaning service. You can do it yourself. 

But we pride ourselves on the job we do.

We are here to get your credit where you want it to be.

without the stress of mailing letters and dealing with the credit bureaus yourself.

You hire someone to do your dry cleaning, watch you kids, mow your lawn, and cook your food when you go out to dinner.

Why wouldn’t you hire someone to help you to get your credit straight???

Let me take the stress of worrying about your credit out of your hands.

Reach out today and let’s get to work.